First :  Interpretations & Sound Systems :

  We know that there are as many different types of meetings as there are
languages, so we design our services around your meeting's needs

 Conference System :

    (Booth, Chair Microphone. Control Unit, Yamaha Mixer, JBL Speakers, Wireless Microphone)  

Sound system
     (Yamaha Mixer 20 Channel, JBL Speakers ( 2) , Shure Microphone)  

     Headphones & Infrared Wireless Receivers  

    Simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation (Arabic – English, French, Germany, Spain, Kurd…)  

Delegate Microphone


    Wireless Microphone, Table Microphone, Podium Microphone, Nick Microphone  

Simultaneous Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation

Translation equipment



   Second :   Screen and Projectors  :


    17", 32", 42 "Plasma and LCD Screen  

LCD Projectors
     1800, 2000, 2500, 3000 , 4000, 5000 Lumens  

     4 X 4 Meters, 3 X 3 Meters, 2 X 2 Meters  
  Over Head Projector  

Slide Projectord

   Third :   Video, Sound Recording    

Video Recording



Sound Recording
    (Tape, Mini Disk, CD)  

    (13cm x 18cm or 15cm X 21cm) and more..  

   Fourth:    Secretary and office services


    Ricoh ( Full Digital, LCD Monitor, Digital Sorter, Auto Feeder,25, 35, 45 PPM with high speed  


    P4, Wireless, LAN 10/100 MP  


Desktop P4
    P4 and high, LAN, 17" CRT or LCD Monitors, and wireless connections  

  Laser and ink Jet Printers:    
     A4, A3 laser Printer, Color Laser Printers, Network Printers  

Fax Machine:
     A4 fax Machine and all in one machines.  


   Fifth:   Other Events & Conferences Services

DVD Player, VCD Player, Document Translation, Spot Light, Extra Light, Wire and Wireless Network, Scanners, USB Flash, Security, Banner, and Name Tags … etc

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