Markets change. Technology evolves. In addition, today’s business needs are more complex than ever. In this challenging environment, customers need high quality, fully supported integrated solutions that serve their business needs. MCS core business is the supply of integrated top of the range solutions to both the Jordanian market and the Region.

MCS Vision:

We are always happy to put prospective customers in touch with existing and previous customers for verification of our ability to deliver high quality for our services on time, within budget and to their complete satisfaction. Feedback from existing clients is obviously much more convincing than any self-acclaim we provide.


Through close customer communications, the current and future needs, the customers' requirements are meeting and MCS is constantly striving to exceed the customers' expectations.

Conferences Organizing :

Start by establishing the framework for conference or presentation Its aims and specific requirements, and the messages our clients wish to communicate to their target audience.
Locate and secure of suitable venue that will directly meet our client requirements; arrange for catering, flower arrangement, photography and book accommodation if required Design, print and mail the invitations Printing badges, promotional materials and programs.
Provide our clients with advertising materials that is customize for the event such as flyers, posters, banners and billboards. We offer wide range of technical advice and production services, Organize the complete setting of conference room, including audiovisual, staging, etc.
Regardless of size and requirements, the whole event can be handling fast and effectively. We can organize simple presentations and large.

MCS constantly provides products and services that meet the quality expectations of our customers, and assist those customers in the pursue of their aspired future needs and requirements.


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